DWI & Traffic Defense (New Jersey Only)

Frequently Asked Questions about DWI & Traffic cases

Should I just plead guilty? 

Pleading guilty has serious consequences

DWI or DUI authorized sentence:
  • License suspension (0 to 8 years)
  • Jail term (0 to 180 days)
  • $3,000 in surcharges (NJ MVC) 
  • Court Fines and other monetary assessments
  • Attendance at the IDRC (alcohol education/evaluation)
  • Placement of interlock device on your car
  • Substantial increase in your auto insurance rates



Consequences include a fine, court costs, and many points on your driver's license. But depending on the circumstances, it may also include a lengthy license suspension and jail time.

Do I need a lawyer?

A Bad Driving Record = Higher Insurance Costs

Spending money on a lawyer to handle your case may save you many hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run (in terms of car insurance costs, fines, surcharges, etc.) 

Before pleading guilty and facing such serious consequences, you should find out what your options are. Were any of your constitutional rights violated? Was the proper procedure followed by the police? Was the police equipment in proper working order? Did the police operate the equipment correctly? Many other questions have to be answered to determine what defenses you may have.

Even if you have NO DEFENSES we can still negotiate a plea deal for you


How much do you charge?

Our FLAT FEE starts at 


for regular traffic cases like speeding or careless driving 


for DWI, DUI, or Refusal cases

We do not charge an hourly fee, but charge a FLAT FEE, which means that you pay one amount whether we go to court once, twice, or three times on your case. The exact fee will depend on the severity of the charges, the number of charges, your prior record, and other factors.

Payment plans ​are available